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Hello friends!

Welcome to Sound Healing with Monique

I provide individual and group sound therapy sessions around the San Francisco Bay Area in person as well as online.

"We live in a world of sound, frequency, and vibration.  Even our bodies are vibrational. In fact the human voice is the most natural, organic, and unique vibrational instrument available. As such, the power of the human voice can be harnessed to heal the human physical body, emotional body and energetic body." 


My name is Monique Argent

I am a master in the use of the voice as a healing modality in sound medicine. I am a singer, chantress, channeler, mentor, medium, and empath. My specialty is using my voice combined with sacred sound instruments to help facilitate emotional, physical, and energetic health and well-being. Benefits may include deep states of relaxation and peace, chakra balancing, energy increase, clarity of mind, reduction of anxiety, depression, and grief, emotional release, sleep improvement, and restoration of various body systems. Precisely calibrated tuning forks may be applied to various points on the body to alleviate pain if needed.  

I also offer remote healing through Zoom, which is just as effective as in-person sessions, for those of you who have time constraints or live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.  


I hold a Master’s degree in Voice from the New England Conservatory and have sung and taught professionally for 15 years. I am trained in sound healing through the Global Sound Institute in California and serve the San Francisco Bay Area. 

-Sound Medicine: The Complete Guide to Healing with Sound and the Human Voice- Wayne Perry, 2008

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What does a sound healing session entail?

Using my intuition, I will tap into how to best serve each client in regards to specific needs energetically, emotionally and physically. In collaboration with each client, I will channel through my voice the needed vibration necessary for aiding in the healing process, while being accompanied by sacred sound instruments.

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All Videos


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

— Nikola Tesla

Sound Healing Treatments

Individual Session

1 hour — $150

I begin each session with an intake interview.  I then use my voice to scan the body and assess the areas that need attention.  Using the information gathered and accompanied by sacred sound instruments, I begin to channel the sounds and songs your body and soul need to restore health and well-being.  Precisely calibrated tuning forks may be applied to various points on the body to alleviate pain if needed. 

 I do not touch your body and sound is transmitted at least 6 inches from your body.

Group Sound Journey

2–4 Participants — $150/hour

5–20 Participants — $35 per person

A group sound journey is a meditative and healing experience where you are "bathed" in sound vibration through sacred sound instruments, including the voice.  This can be a wonderful complement to group therapy work, and a wonderful offering for employee perks and benefits, retreat centers, private events and community events.  

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Monique was able to scan my body and bring awareness to deeply embedded structures that had been limiting my physical health and spiritual wellbeing.  With her voice, instruments and loving presence, the blockages moved with ease and I was able to recognize and heal something that had been a blindspot.  


Monique is now one of my personal advisors and providers for my healthcare and wellbeing and I highly recommend her services.

Sunny Kirkland, Reiki Master

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